For our School Shop, we offer a print service for the students to have their personalised initials printed on their schoolwear and sportswear. All our printing services are done at our local unit or on-site at the school pop-ups. This is a great extra as it will limit the chance of the item getting lost or stolen.

Print is a fast service that we provide which only takes up to 20 minutes per garment. All parents are welcome to our unit for any additional initials to be added.


All embroidery is done at our unit by our production team. They use state-of-the-art programs and machines to design the school badges. It involves several processes including deciding the type of stitch and stitch size. All our staff are highly experienced and professional.

West Berkshire Clothing has over 15 years of experience in embroidery. We pride ourselves on doing a brilliant job every time, making sure the finished garments we create are of the highest quality.

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