Washing: Always follow the manufacturer's garment care guidelines as labelled before washing. It is advisable to wash knitwear inside out.

Ironing: Make sure your iron is set to the correct temperature as given on the garment care label. Many school uniform garments are 'easy care' and do not need ironing, refer to the manufacturer's label for drying instructions to get the best finish from these items. Printed garments should not be ironed over the printed area.

Tumble drying: Garments are best left to dry naturally. Never tumble dry a pleated garment as this can reverse the heat treated pleating process - always hang up on a suitable hanger to air dry.

Iron-on labels: These do not adhere to stretchy fabrics. Only affix to garments you can iron and remember to put a layer e.g. a handkerchief, between the clothing and the iron to avoid scorch marks.


Some goods are prone to pilling, the main reason is friction or rubbing against another object and this does not necessarily mean that the garment is faulty. Pilling can be caused by any of the following:

a) External friction i.e movement against another fabric or objects.
b) Heat generated by the individual when the garment is worn.
c) Washing the garment at the wrong temperature and with other fabrics that will rub against the garment.
d) Tumble drying the garment at too high a temperature, which causes the heat to draw out the fibre.

Best solution is to turn garments inside out when washing. When pilling occurs it should settle down after washing a number of times. However, if pilling is excessive, please contact us. 

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